Long-term trends

“Our research teams aim to identify the trends that will shape tomorrow's world.”

The world is changing rapidly. In terms of investments, our teams are working hard to understand how these changes will impact our modern economies, which nations will benefit from these changes, and the sectors that will be tomorrow’s economic drivers.

Our strategists have identified the following trends that will be of major importance in the near future:

  1. Asia and other emerging markets will continue to take their rightful share of world GDP.
  2. Energy security and peak oil prices pose pressing energy challenges for the world’s major economies.
  3. Demand for commodities, including food, will create supply deficits that drive prices higher.
  4. Population growth will lead to increasing resource depletion.
  5. Climate change abatement policies will reinforce the development of clean energy.
  6. Debt hangover and regulatory reform following the financial crisis will change the banking industry.
  7. Urbanisation is set to continue.
  8. Sovereign credit ratings will impact heavily indebted countries’ ability to borrow.
  9. Ageing populations will sustain demand for healthcare.
  10. Shorter economic cycles demand greater responsiveness in asset allocation and closer attention to correlations.
  11. For investors, higher volatility and multiplication of risks create the need for increased diversification.